We have used TaskGenerator for almost 5 years in our Litigation Department to customize Outlook Tasks. As the program administrator, I create a standard template of pre-defined “BFs” for multiple applications within files.

What used to be a pain-staking process to generate BFs by counting back days (labor intensive and error prone) the BFs are now generated in one simple action. The tasks created are then assigned to assistants who control and maintain their own accurate BF system through Case Number and Case Type. The tasks can then be assigned, reassigned, tracked and managed, which work incredibly well in a team setting environment.

Through Outlook the tasks can be used to print summaries, create detailed reports and to share status reports within departments.

We started using the program mainly for trial tasks, but have since taken the program capabilities to the next level and expanded to multiple tasking applications within other departments.

The installation of the software is simple and even though the program runs literally “support free”, when I have contacted the team at Eclipse Computing they have always replied promptly and been very helpful.

Karen Mikalishen, Trial CoordinatorNixon Wenger LLP

We love your product. We introduced it in conjunction with an upgrade of Microsoft Office 2013. It integrates so beautifully with Outlook tasks that I can hardly remember how we managed without it. The best thing about it is that there is now no excuse for missing a deadline!

Kathie Smith, AdministratorNorth Shore Law LLP