TaskGenerator generates a series of reoccurring Microsoft Outlook Tasks based on a future event date. This program can be used to automate many different tasks. Some examples of these include:

The program can have predefined case tasks which then can be rescheduled for multiple future dates.

Sample Case Type:
  Personal Injury

  • Expert Reports - (84 days prior to event)
  • Witness Interview - (60 days prior to event)
  • Rebuttal Reports - (42 days prior to event)
  • Trial Management Conference - (30 days prior to event)
  • Discoveries - (21 days prior to event)
  • Joint book of documents - (21 days prior to event)
  • Court Fees - (14 days prior to event)
  • Motions - (7 days prior to event)
  • Jury Fees - (7 days prior to event)
  • Settlement - (5 days after event)

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